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Certified 4 * Senior Parelli Professional

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Rachael is based at Cotgreave Farm Natural Horsemanship Centre in Derbyshire and teaches regular Parelli courses, camps and lessons throughout the year.


"Having fallen in love with horses at a young age I used to dream of one day owning my very own horse and having that horse be my best friend. My dream was always to gallop bareback and bridle less along the beach and be in complete unity with him just like I seen in the movies. On growing up and buying my first horse at the age of 20 that dream quickly disappeared. Phoenix was a young, barely started, 4 year old Arab who was extremely green and terrified of everything. For the first year everything was difficult. I loved him but was frustrated at how little I could do with him. When I found the Parelli program it changed our lives! I had finally found how to communicate with him and train him in a way that just made sense to us both. Within a few weeks he was already a different horse becoming more and more confident and learning at an amazing rate. I was able to take him places and do things I'd never been able to do before. After two years of studying the program and working for a Parelli Instructor I was able to realise my dream of galloping bareback and bridleless along the beach with him listening to my every suggestion. Since then we have gone on to have a go at most things including a bit of dressage, jumping and trekking and have even ended up a few times in front of a six thousand strong cheering crowd at the NEC, performing at the British Open, HOYS and the Parelli Celebrations. I was so proud, thanks to the Parelli Program my spooky, bolting little Arab just took it all in his stride.


Now my goal is to enable others to live their dreams too, I have helped people time and time again now achieve things with their horses that they never thought possible and I love it! For a lot of people I meet it is to firstly feel safe and in control and then from there to develop a partnership where they can go anywhere and do anything with their horse. I teach groups of people all over the country and now also run regular horsemanship courses and lessons at my own yard, Cotgreave Farm in Derbyshire.


If you would like help, guidance and support in achieving your goals whether it be dealing with challenging behaviours or just wanting instruction and guidance developing your horses ground and ridden foundation I'd love to help you. Why not take a look at some of the courses I teach or send me an email with your specific questions or requirements to rachaelmorland@hotmail.co.uk and I'd be happy to help. - Rachael