'Jump for Joy' - Savvy Camp

Taught by Rachael Shawyer and Tracey Duncan.


3rd - 7th of September 2018 and

10th - 14th of September 2018

Taught jointly by Rachael Shawyer and Tracey Duncan, this camp is all about adding purpose to your riding. Loosely based around the elements of a one day event, we'll take you through the different disciplines using and improving your Parelli foundation to build higher levels of rapport, respect, impulsion and flexion as you tackle obstacles and challenges together. Learn how to set your horse up for success in new environments, teach them to seek out jumps and obstacles. Improve your balance and position over fences and ride different combinations of jumps. The week culminates in a friendly 'competition' where the emphasis is more on fun and partnership than winning. 

If you fancy having a go at jumping and x country in a safe supportive way, then this is the ideal course for you.


 "Possibly one of the best weeks of my life.

And I've had a lot of weeks! 😉😉 "

- Judith Longman,  Jump for Joy 2017



"It was the best week ever! Want to do it all over again!"

- Lynne Watson, Jump for Joy 2017




What can you expect from this course


With  a mixture of Classroom theory sessions, practical simulations and practical online and riding lessons with your horse we'll cover topics such as:

  • Reading your horse and how to set them up for success in new environments such as courses, competitions and fun days.
  • Improving yields so your horse responds more lightly and willingly to your aids.
  • Learning about striding distances between poles and combination jumps and how to set them up for your horse.
  • Achieve better balance in the saddle and over jumps
  • Improve your jumping position.
  • Play online over coloured poles and x country fences.
  • Be a confident leader for your horse whilst riding individually and as part of a group in the arena and out in larger spaces such as the small play field and the cross country field.
  • Help your horse find rhythm and relaxation whilst jumping and approach jumps willingly and confidently, both on the ground and ridden.
  • Gridwork
  • Jump different types of jumps and combinations such as corners, skinnys, dog legs and doubles.
  • Take part in a fun competition where the emphasis is on partnership and not winning.

"A great week.

Thanks Rachael Morland and all the other participants"

- Bridget Stein June 2017




"Can't wait to do it again!! "

-Cheryl Warner, September 2017

"Had the best week ever last week! Took Seb to the jump for joy clinic taught by Tracey Duncan and Rachael Morland and it was AWESOME! You guys made the perfect team ☺️ it was so nice to see everyone progress so much over the week, best group of people and of course sebby was awesome. We have loads to practice and work on, I can't wait "

- Gemma Caddy, September 2017

Back from a fabulous week in Derbyshire with Rachael Morland & Tracey Duncan on the Jump 4 Joy course. This week has really crystallised some important concepts that I have been struggling with. The focussed purpose helped. As did a throw away comment by Rach - 'you wanna flow chart that!' -I did & it helped! I also really got a feel for how Fin can & should move & how I am responsible for expecting it & getting it."


"Now I have distinct markers to work on & rate progress - Respect, Connection, Impulsion, Calm. Thank you to the fab group for making it a safe fun zone."

- Pat Carlton, September 2017


 "Had the most amazing week away on Rachael Morland and Tracey Duncan Jump for Joy clinic"

"Can't wait till next year to do it all over again."

- Sarah Luckin,  Jump for Joy 2017

Book now to reserve your place

Jump for Joy- Camp price £600 - deposit £100

£600 includes 5 days of tuition with Rachael and Tracey and horse

board for 6 nights. Deposit due now = £100


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Payment can also be made by bank transfer or cheque. Please contact us for more details.

For more information on this camp please email alex@rachaelmorland.co.uk or rachaelmorland@hotmail.co.uk 
or call on 07999 917 005 or 07917 443 288.