Level 2 courses

2 day courses held at Cotgreave Farm, Park Hall Lane, Mapperley. Derbyshire.



The goal of Level 2 is to advance your ground skills to a place where you can be fun and provocative for your horse and to be safe and in control of your horse riding basic patterns on a loose rein in walk and trot.

By the end of level 2 you will know how to create confidence and make things a game for your horse so they offer to do the things you'd like such as go in a trailer or jump a jump. Your horse will be able to maintain rhythm and relaxation in walk and trot softly on the end of a 22ft line, as well as when being ridden on a loose rein, without you having to constantly keep them going or needing to slow them down. You will have a better understanding of rider position and balance and how that affects your horse and you will know how to influence the horses hindquarters and fore quarters independently to improve communication and control when steering.


What we will cover on your level 2 course...

Each course is slightly different depending on the exact needs of you and your horse on the day. Getting to a good Level 2 standard will take longer than it did to get to level 1 and of course will depend a lot on your level of experience, confidence and also what your horse is like and how much time you can spend with your horse on a regular basis. It's not possible to cover everything in Level 2 in just two days so we'll cover a variety of topics and exercises that are appropriate for you. Often people do more than one level 2 course as you need to learn and then go away and practice and build consistency before coming back for more information. 


In general though and through a variety of different tasks and exercises, we will cover....


Leadership on the ground :-

- Improving your body language and yields so your communication becomes more clear and subtle, your horse will become lighter and more willing in response.

- How to make things a game so that your horse will offer you the things you'd like rather than you having to make them. You'll learn how to have your horse 'hunt' the jump or trailer and want to go there.

- How to change the way you 'ask' so that you remove brace and have your horse be willing to respond.

- Improve your 'feel' and 'timing' so you can offer lightness.

- Learn to read your horses body language at a higher level and understand their horsenality so you know when to be more provocative and playful, when to slow down, when to retreat and when to reward.

- Learn to use different obstacles to create confidence in different areas, such as improving your horses confidence with their back legs or approaching potentially scary things or narrow spaces. This knowledge will then transfer to when you are out hacking or in other environments. You can create new positive patterns in previously spooky or unconfident horses.

- Teach your horse to think through problems rather than panic. There are various tasks and exercises that will teach you how to teach your horse this skill until it becomes their habit. It really can be life saving for both you and your horse. 

- Help your horse find relaxation and rhythm in motion and be able to maintain walk and trot as their responsibility.


Ridden leadership:-

- Using simulations off the horse first learn about your position, rein positions, riding dynamics (body positions) and how this all influences the horse.

- Rein positions - lateral flexion (one rein safety stop), Indirect rein (to influence and control the hind quarters for safety and steering), Direct Rein (to influence and control the fore quarters for safety and steering).  These are the basic ingredients needed to feel safe and in control at this level but become the foundation of much higher level manoeuvres as you progress. It's vital that you learn how to have your body in the right position now so that we can build on these basics and refine them as you continue. We call these basic riding dynamics.

- Sideways (if you can ride sideways lightly you will have a lot more softness and control of the middle of your horse allowing you to be much safer and later will build to higher level manoeuvres).

- Back up (learn how to have your horse softly and smoothly back up in a straight line).

- Partial disengage (to allow you to soften and relax your horse in motion if they get tense or brace)

- Basic patterns such as follow the rail and figure 8's. We use these patterns to give you chance to practice your yields and allow you to become a better leader so you can give your horse it's own responsibilities of  maintain gait, direction and looking where they're going so you don't need to nag them. As a result your horse will develop good rhythm and relaxation in motion and will be easy to steer.


These Level 2 courses are designed to teach and support you as you work your way through Level 2 of the Parelli program. Using the homestudy course alongside them will give you additonal support and guidance. 


You can book a course below or for more information please email: alex@rachaelmorland.co.uk or rachaelmorland@hotmail.co.uk or call on: 07772252991 or 07917 443 288 

"Hi Rachael thank you for a brilliant weekend . It was everything I and Cadiz needed and more . Lots of chewing and licking for me. Lots to work on and practice. Surprised I’m not aching but loved it. Looking what next for next year thx again teaching is clearly what you love 🐴😀"- Lesley Meadows Sept 2018

 "Feeling inspired after spending a weekend watching these lovely people and their horses making amazing progress with their partnerships." - Maria Langridge, Facebook comment, Sept 18

"Thank you Rachael Morland for the clinic on Sunday, the changes made with William are immense, he went so amazingly well today, Al Fradley thought he was awesome and I can't wait until I come to another clinic with you." - Kim Cox, July 2017 


"Many thanks to Rachael Morland for a fantastic Level 2 clinic this weekend. With your help and positivity Milo and I are finally starting our journey towards a partnership I never would have thought possible back in April!! Thank you xx" - Sarah Kearney, December 2016



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