Level 2

Are you ready to take your horsemanship to the next level?

Book a 2 day level 2 course at Cotgreave Farm, Park Hall Lane, Mapperly, DE7 6DA.

This course will help you to become a fun, provocative horseman on the ground. Learn how to make 'training' a game for you horse.

Freestyle riding will also be introduced. Improving your seat connection, communication of the aids and teaching you & your horse rhythm & relaxation on a loose rein. The basic building blocks for everything you wish to do ridden.


Course content will vary depending on your horse and your experience & confidence, but can cover the following....

Online skills


- Learn to how to turn 'training' into a game.

- Turn common challenges such as the trailer, jumps, water etc into fun play obstacles that your horse will seek.

- Improve your feel & timing creating softer communication.

- Learn to help your horse engage their mind and body in a more positive way.

- Identify your horse's horsenality and learn how to get the best from them.

- Create confidence in your horse using specific exercises, obstacles and differing environments.

- Teach your horse how to bring their energy up and back down again as you ask. Teach them to relax and rest when not doing anything.

- Teach your horse to find rhythm and relaxation as thei responsibility in walk & trot.

Freestyle Riding skills


- Learn natural riding dynamics to improve your position, seat connection and communication in the saddle.

- Learn the basic rein positions :-

Lateral Flexion (to laterally flex the horse and yield to a stop for safety)

Indirect Rein (to yield hind quarters)

Direct Rein (to yield the fore quarters)

- Ride a soft responsive back up and sideways.

- Learn a partial disengagement to soften the ribs and reconnect your horse for safety and control.

-Learn the basic ridden patterns to improve focus and create soft yields.

- teach your horse to maintain rhythm and relaxation on a loose rein as their responsibility.

"Hi Rachael thank you for a brilliant weekend . It was everything I and Cadiz needed and more . Lots of chewing and licking for me. Lots to work on and practice. Surprised I’m not aching but loved it. Looking what next for next year thx again teaching is clearly what you love 🐴😀"- Lesley Meadows Sept 2018

"Thank you Rachael Morland for the clinic on Sunday, the changes made with William are immense, he went so amazingly well today, Al Fradley thought he was awesome and I can't wait until I come to another clinic with you." - Kim Cox


"Many thanks to Rachael Morland for a fantastic Level 2 clinic this weekend. With your help and positivity Milo and I are finally starting our journey towards a partnership I never would have thought possible back in April!! Thank you xx" - Sarah Kearney

 "Feeling inspired after spending a weekend watching these lovely people and their horses making amazing progress with their partnerships." - Maria Langridge, Facebook comment, Sept 18

Next Level 2 course:


5th and 6th of October 2019



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Level 2 course (two day course) Course Price = £240 Deposit £120

5th and 6th of October 2019


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