Level 3 courses


2 day courses held at Cotgreave Farm, Park Hall Lane, Mapperley. Derbyshire.



The goal of Level 3 is intermediate riding skills – FreeStyle (loose or no reins), advanced Online ground skills and basic Liberty in the round pen.

Level 3 explores impulsion and stronger connection between the horse and human, that is tested at Liberty and with less use of the reins when riding. Communication with your horse becomes more subtle and harmonious in three of the Four Savvys: On Line, Liberty, and FreeStyle. 


Learn how to use a mixture of consistent patterns and variety to develop a well balanced rhythm whilst keeping it fun and interesting for your horse. 

These Level 3 clinics are designed to support you and boost your progress as you work your way through the Parelli home study program.

For details and to book a clinic please email: alex@rachaelmorland.co.uk or rachaelmorland@hotmail.co.uk or call on: 07772252991 or 07917 443 288 

Upcoming level 3 clinics


New schedule out soon for 2019, please visit again for future Level 3 courses.


Level 3 clinic £240

2 day clinic, deposit of £120 required to book your place.


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