Level 3

Do you dream of having a 'go anywhere' 'do anything' horse? Of having excellent seat connection where you can ask transitions and turn without needing your reins? Of being fun and provocative for your horse while progressing his training?


Book on a level 3 course to further your horsemanship journey.

Cotgreave Farm, Park Hall Lane, Mapperly, DE7 6DA.

 In level 3 we explore impulsion; meaning mental, emotional and physical collection. Built and tested using longer lines, playing at liberty and riding on a loose rein. Allowing the horse to learn and keep their responsibilities and us to improve our balance, feel and timing. Learn to be more provocative and fun as you train your horse adding more tasks and making learning more and more of a game. All of this results in a stronger connection, more trusting partnership and a lighter and more responsive horse.

Online Skills

- Play on the 45ft line in large open areas with obstacles and varying terrain.

- Rhythm, relaxation and natural balance in canter.

- Extreme friendly games in motion. 

- Hunt the jump.

- Transitions and changes of direction on the 45ft line.

- Stronger maintain gait. 

- Trailer load from a distance.

Freestyle Skills

- Ridden patterns to improve impulsion, straight lines, turns and circles.

- Ride your horse on a loose rein in walk, trot and canter.

- Carrot stick riding.

- Backwards, sideways, H.Q & F.Q yields without reins.

- Turn and make transitions with your seat and natural riding dynamics. 

- Rhythm, relaxation and natural balance in canter.

- 'Feel' and get in time with your horse's feet. 

- Drop to trot lead changes.

- Small jumps without reins.

- partial disengagement for safety.

Liberty Skills

- Teach your horse to catch and follow you at liberty.

- All seven games in a round pen.

- 'Stick to me' game.

-Transitions on a circle and change direction, in a round pen.

- Obstacles such as jumps, tarp and pedastool.

- Fig 8 in trot.

- Trailer load.

Upcoming level 3 clinics




Level 3 clinic £240

2 day clinic, deposit of £120 required to book your place.


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