2019 Schedule

For more information on the courses, camps or lessons in my schedule please click on the link or select one of the tabs in the drop down menu under 'courses, camps and lessons' above. You can also email: alex@rachaelmorland.co.uk or rachaelmorland@hotmail.co.uk  or tel: 0777 2252 991 or 07917 443 288. We'd love to hear from you.





25th- Shared Lesson 10am-1pm



22nd- Shared lesson 10am-1pm


27th- 28th - Level 1 course



4th-5th - Level 2/3 course 


10th-12th - L3/4 Liberty course


14th-17th - Ride with Rach


20th-24th - Jump for Joy 


27th May- Shared lesson 10am-1pm


29th- 31st - Trail Riding




11th - Shared lesson 2.30-5.30pm



6th-9th - Ride with Rach


12th- 16th - Liberty and Bridleless


19th-23rd - Jump for Joy 


26th-28th - Trail Riding


31st Aug- 1st Sept - Liberty course



12th-19th - Bissell Wood


24th-26th - Peak adventure Trek




4th-6th - Focus on Finesse course


9th-11th - Peak adventure Trek